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We understand how unattractive a tree stump can be on your lawn or how it can become a tripping hazard for kids who are playing outside.

Tree stumps are also havens for ants and termites which are potential risks to the safety of your home.

Tree stumps also obstruct driveways and construction and do not complement your home’s landscaping.

We understand that there are several reasons why you may need stump removal and we are here to help.

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Our stump grinding and stump removal service provide superior performance at the lowest prices.

Our team of tree care experts will remove your stump so you can put another tree in its spot or create more space for your outdoor area.

You can depend on us because we have years of experience in commercial and residential stump grinding.

Stump grinding is often necessary for Daytona Beach Florida landscape maintenance because the storms and high winds can damage trees. These damaged trees will need to be removed.

 Should I remove the tree stump?

A few things to consider include:

  • Curb Appeal and Home Value
  • Maintaining a Healthy Landscape
  • Most important is the safety of your family and friends

Reasons to Remove an Old Tree Stump with Stump Grinding

Stumps left in your yard are not only unsightly, but they can also lower the property value of your home.

Even a well landscape yard’s appearance can be diminished by an old tree stump left in the yard. Leaving old stumps in the yard is also an eyesore for the neighborhood.

It is worth having a stump grinding professional remove old stumps from your yard so your landscape will look maintained. Because curb appeal is a big factor when trying to sell a home, leaving a decaying stump in the landscape can often lower the property value.

 Cutting off a tree a few inches above the ground does not always stop the tree from growing.

New shoots from the old tree often sprout on the old stump. These new small shoots will provide nourishment for the roots, causing them to continue to grow. These roots can cause damage to sidewalks, underground pipes, and structures.

Other plants, trees, or even mushrooms can begin to grow in the rotting wood of the stump. Mushrooms can be harmful to pets or young children. New tree roots can begin to develop from these invasive plants and trees. This makes removing the stump even more difficult and expensive to remove.

Unsanitary conditions caused by old stumps occur when they begin to attract insects, pests, and rodents.

If stump grinding was not handled when the tree was removed, the wood that is left will begin to rot and decay. A tree stump can take years to completely rot away. The decaying wood will begin to attract pests that can include carpenter ants, termites, beetles, spiders, and other insects that bore into the old wood.

Disease harboring vermin-like field mice, other small critters, and even snakes can find a home in old tree stumps. These pests and small creatures can easily spread diseases that can infect other plants in your yard, or even come into your home!

Use a tree stump grinding service to remove that old stump giving your yard more space.

Many Local Florida homes have smaller-sized yards. The space the stump occupies could be better used for another tree, flower bed, or even a play area.

When you are searching for a “tree stump grinding service near me” contact Low-Cost Stump Grinding. We remove old stumps quickly at an affordable rate for Daytona Beach, Flagler, New Smyrna Florida, and all surrounding areas.