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Professional Stump Grinding In Ormond Beach, Florida.

When you hire Low Cost Stump Grinding Inc., you can count on us to perform the job quickly and professionally in the Ormond Beach and surrounding areaa. Low cost stump grinding inc. specializes in the grinding and removal of stumps and we do it better and cheaper than the competition. We understand how unattractive a tree stump can be on your lawn or how they can ruin your mower blade when running over roots when you mow your low.

Tree stumps are also havens for ants and termites which are potential risks to the safety of your home. Tree stumps also obstruct driveways and construction and do not complement your home’s landscaping. We understand that there are several reasons why you may need stump removal and we are here to help.

Why Choose Us?

At Low Cost, we are a friendly and affordable service that offers free estimates on any removal or grinding job. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us



Clean up after the job


Best Prices


Licensed and insured


Friendly & Punctual


Family Owned & Operated


Professional Equipment

We Go The Extra Mile.

Our stump grinding and stump removal service provides superior performance at the lowest prices. Our team of stump grinding experts will grind your stump and clean up afterward so you can put another tree in its spot or create more space for your outdoor area. You can depend on us because we have years of experience in commercial and residential stump grinding.